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who you think would win in a fight CLOUD STRIFFE or SQUALL LEONHART

who would win in a fight CLOUD STRIFFE or SQUALL LEONHART  

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  1. 1. who would win in a fight CLOUD STRIFFE or SQUALL LEONHART


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cloud would when hands down

squall is good and all but

cloud totally outshines him when it comes to a one on one battle

Yeah, but squall has been trained in combat since he was five years old. There's only so much Jenova cells can do in four years for Cloud.

I admit, it would be difficult to get close enough to land a hit with the heavy Buster Sword swinging at your face. And it would hurt :)

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cloud hands down. cloud has great combos & it's like nellawin already said

great combos equipped with the ULTIMA WEAPON he can easily devastate anyone who gets in his way

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Ok, let's take a look at both characters.

Name: Cloud Strife

Origin: Final Fantasy VII, Advent Children, Dissidia and many others

Gender: Male

Classification: Human/ Ex SOLDIER

Age: 24

Powers and Abilities: Magic, master swordsmanship, flight, super strength, speed, durability, agility

Weaknesses: None notable

Destructive Capacity: At least multi city block level+, possibly town level+ with some limit breaks (appears to have defeated Bahamut SIN's Tremor Flare while using Climhazzard, has defeated Sephiroth with all versions of Omnislash)

Range: Extended melee range with his Buster Sword, much higher with magic

Speed: Hypersonic+ (mach 26)

Durability: At least multi city block level+

Lifting Strength: Class 10

Striking Strength: Class G

Stamina: Extremely large, he can fight for a long time without being exhausted, also he was impaled many times by Sephiroth and he was still fighting

Standard Equipment: Buster Sword, First Tsurugi in Advent Children (collection of 6 swords combined into one) and Fenrir (his bike)

Intelligence: Skilled combatant

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Braver: Single physical attack with a downward slash. He does this move in Advent Children(AC) to cut a bike.

- Cross Slash: Single physical attack with three slices dealing 3.25 times normal damage and inflicting paralysis.In AC with the first Tsurugi he can split it into 2 separate blades and do a cross slash.

- Bleam Blade: Fires a Blue energy beam that can be fired multiple ones times at once.

- Meteorain: Six meteors fall and hit random targets.

- Omnislash: Cloud's best attack and can random enemies 15 times under the effect of automatic critical hits.

- Omnislash version 5: Cloud separates his sword into six blades that surrounds his opponent. He then grabs each blade and slashes the enemy with each of them. During this attack Cloud glows in an orange aura and moves fast enough to create afterimages and finishes before the afterimages disappear. He does this with the First Tsurugi which is made up of those swords.

- Omnislash Version 6: Cloud does this in the Advent Children Complete movie, same as his Version 5 but he glows blue and hits in an unpredictable pattern and seems much faster.

- Cherry Blossom Slash: This move is used in the game Final Fantasy Tactics.

Most of the info on some of these techniques is based on game mechanics and the movie Advent Children.

Key: Base | Squall's Pants

Name: Squall Leonhart

Origin: Final fantasy VIII, Dissidia and a few others

Gender: Male

Classification: Human with the power of pants

Age: 17

Powers and Abilities: Magic, highly skilled swordsman, super strength, speed, durability, agility, summoning. Is able to junction magic spells to his stats in order to increase them, pants beyond omnipotence, carries around the concept of friendship (also many other concepts) and three stars

Weaknesses: None notable | None

Destructive Capacity: Large building level+ | At least universe level+

Range: Extended melee range with his gunblade, much higher with his projectiles and magic | Infinite

Speed: Superhuman+ movement speed with at least supersonic+ reactions (able to fight Ultimecia, who reacted to and countered a round of sniper fire from Irvine while in control of Edea's body) | Omnipresent

Durability: Superhuman+, likely higher | Survives having 100 black holes in his pocket...So yeah

Lifting Strength: Superhuman+ | Infinite (carries 100 black holes)

Striking Strength: Class M+ | Infinite

Stamina: Superhuman+ | Infinite

Standard Equipment: His Gunblade and dem pants

Intelligence: Skilled combatant, with extensive military training

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- GF: There are the summoned creatures of Final Fantasy VIII, and they are used by junctioning them to a character. These two are Squall's personally acquired Guardian Forces.

- Quezacotl: Uses a thunder attack called Thunder Storm.

- Shiva: Unleashes an ice-based attack called Diamond Dust.

- Renzokuken: The first stage of Squall's limit break is a series of slashes from his gunblade.

- Level 1: Rough Divide: It hits a single opponent once, causing a fair amount of damage. He slashes right through his enemy.

- Level 2: Fated Circle: Squall jumps up into the air while charging energy into his gunblade. At the peak of his jump he spins in a circle, releasing a shockwave that damages all enemies.

- Level 3: Blasting Zone: When using Blasting Zone, Squall raises his gunblade overhead, charges up and extends a pillar of energy to the outer atmosphere and strikes all enemies with it to deal heavy damage.

- Level 4: Lion Heart: Squall's ultimate finishing move. It strikes an single opponent 18 times (the enemy also suffers damage when it's slammed on the ground after the Lion Heart is over) and generally causes massive damage.

- Revolver Drive: Squall charges towards opponent in a red aura, striking multiple times. It can be charged to increase duration.

- Aerial Circle: Same as Fated Circle but vertical and slightly faster.

- Fusillade: Squall can blast his opponent with several magic projectiles before firing a string of lightning bolts.

- Thunder Barret: Squall sends a string of lightning bolts towards the enemy.

- Blizzard Barret: Squall shoots a ball of ice.

Other: The profile covers the canon version of Squall and his high level cosmic version that is known as Squall's Pants.

Renzokuken and the subskills, as well as the summons, are from FF8, the rest are from Dissidia. When using Renzokuken Squall chooses between the four subskills at random.

Squall has also shown to be able to swim through time and space to reach Ultimecia's castle and then had to defeat numerous of her super strong monsters without the use of his powers. As he obtained them back and reached her castle, you can basically say he survived being in space while fighting Ultimecia. Although most will say it was through plot, he survived or basically negated himself from being absorbed into time and space. Not to mention he survived super tall castle busting attack, numerous of high level explosions, a planet busting attack (Ultimecia started to absorb all of existence and basically absorbed it into time but busted the planet in the process) At the end of the game, he also survived a massive explosion in space from Ultimecia's defeat. (It depends on how you look at it, nonetheless, it happened.)

In Dissidia, he was able to fight Sephiroth to standstill, defeat Kuja from FFIX, and defeat Ultimecia in a one on one bout.

Cloud wins.

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Squal has guardian forces he could equip.

Cloud has materia.

So on that note it partly comes down to what each has equipped there. On the aspect of things cloud is much weaker without materia, but can still do things. Without guardian forces squall loses most everything of his.

So if we are going generic buster sword on generic gunblade. The buster sword would in reality take out the gunblade.

Since this is a video game though...

At this point it would come down to first stats if those are the same whoever has the most recovery items, if still same then the fact squalls blade also acts like a gun gives him a drastic edge.

But neither can take on dynamite.

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Cloud would win this fight. He has tons more experience compared to Squall.

I bet Squall would give him a run for his money but when you boil right down to it...Cloud was made to survive fights like that.

*keep in mind, i really really really lke Squall.

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