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  1. unknown907

    Yu Gi Oh 5D's

    i dont have a motercycle so i ride my dueldisk
  2. unknown907

    What if you found a death note ??

    i would make a life note
  3. unknown907

    Nobodies or Heartless?

    unversed were cooler
  4. unknown907

    anti form in kh 2 explained?

    never got anti form
  5. unknown907

    Handheld versions any good?

    bbs was the only good one in my opinion
  6. unknown907

    Kingdom Hearts: Favorite Organization XIII Member?

    i still think marluxia was the coolest
  7. as long as its not on the vita im good dont have the money for it
  8. unknown907

    What Game Mode Did You Play, Be Honest?

    critical always
  9. unknown907

    FFX HD for PS3 and PSVita

    ff x would be good to remake
  10. unknown907

    Final Fantasy XIII-3 Hmmm...

    xiii 2 doesnt have a solid ending xiii 3 would be the absolute end
  11. unknown907

    Who would win; Sephiroth or Lightning?

    lightning is better
  12. unknown907

    Favorite Character [FFVII]

    vincent Valentine