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good to see dubs


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hi im new to the forums and wanted to say im glad to see somewhere so dedicated to dubbed versions of shows. it seems that most sites forgot the joys of watching a really good series without having to watch the bottom of the screen at the same time.so thanks to everyone involved with finding and posting dubbed episodes.

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Well a lot of Anime fans don't like the dubs because there are quite a few with poor acting or voice casting. But there are some great dubs too.. just people fail to realize this. So we try to offer dubs as well to help fans who can't read, don't want to read, or just prefer stuff in their own language and stuff!

Welcome to Kametsu Forums! I hope you continue to enjoy your stay here.

I plan on installing an Arcade mod again which will allow members to play various games like Snake, Chopters, Asteroids, Pacman, and Space Invaders.. So expect that in the future. Also you can discuss many things with other members such as your favorite Anime, Video Games, Music, Books, Movies.. etc.. you can post your graphics if you make any.. or fan art and fan fiction.. the possibilities are endless!

Also if you download any anime, please be sure to post a thank you in the thread to the uploader. It not only shows your appreciation for their hard work but also shows that people are actually downloading their uploads.

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