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hi, im alex and im not realy new here like you can see in the join date box. im a native russian who lives in germany, so excuse my bad english everytime you see a post of me. ill try to improve it through you guys. if you wonder what the title means... its a noise little pigs do in german, and im useing it quite often instead of hello in reallife. its kinda part of my personality. yeah... i know im weird.

so, how do i get here?

i was looking for a download of dubed gankutsuou. google lead me to english-dub kingdom. somewhere i read the source for their anime would be kametsu...

top anime? usualy animes with a plot!

like the box is already telling:

Code Geass

Steins Gate

Welcome to the NHK

Puella Magi Madoka Magica


top games? easy!

FF series


Battlefield series - no not bfbc, 1942, 2142, vietnam and stuff...

Midnightclub series


and Dead Space <3

some of my hobbys are:

building PCs and takeing care of them

spending all my money into my pc

of course gameing! i was once a goldseller in aion (8to40€ per hour) XD

and obviously anime...

do i do grafics? yes i do!

im in advertisement business, but still a apprentice.

i own adobe master collection cs5+

corel draw

rhinocheros 3d

do i have questions? yo!

ive allready donated 5doller to koby, and there will be more any weeks later...

how do i get that donator tag?

so thats my introduction,

if you dont mind give some feedback to improve my english, please... >.<

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Well, no one says you had to tell us your name, haha. No worries.

Multiple languages can be pretty confusing, but it can't be that weird since you say you've been exposed to a lot of English lately. I don't think anyone's brain wants to be constantly translating things, haha. I think that says a lot for your proficiency in English, if you find yourself thinking in English.

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