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  1. playlamegetfame

    That bright white is hurting my eyes...

    Kind admins of kametsu, i need to get something of my chest, words of appreciation: Thank you for the dark Vectron theme, colored text is now readable again, thank you for that.
  2. Titel says it all. Everytime i visit the site, i feel my eyesight getting worse and worse.
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    PLGF's Showcase

  6. playlamegetfame

    The Kametsu Experience.

    1# join those guys
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    Kouhai's Works

    your recent use uf text is amazing. nice to see that someone actually did something with his feedback. there is nothing that needs improvement anymore. keep up the high quality work pal!
  8. yo ... nice sig for the limitless ...

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    7 good, juat a bad flow.
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    thats exactly how you should rate... 9
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