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My name is Chris, I am 18yrs old, I am sorta new around here. Not new in the sense that I just signed up, but new as in I am actually starting to learn my way around on here. I don't know much about this community, but I intend to learn. I am shy, so I may not be a very good conversationalist. Sorry for future introductions, and conversations.

Btw, can someone tell me why it says I have Gil? I have no idea what it is for, or what to do with it.

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Welcome to Kametsu! I hope that you have an active stay, the best way to learn about a site is to participate and start posting. It doesnt matter if you are shy, I am sure that you will enjoy chatting.

As for gil, you get some every time you post or make a thread. It can be donated to people or spend in the vB shop (top right for the link) but really it doesnt have any value. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask me or a mod

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