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I already posted this in the shoutbox but wanted to make this thread to let all of the new members know...

It looks like people are starting to spam the forums just to get that one post to download from the forums D:<

Posting in threads that havent been posted in for more than a few months is a no no also, thats called necromancy and should not fly, trust me, ive seen that happen on another forum im at. Just letting you all know

I dont think posting hey im new oh yeah 1 post now i can download now doesnt cut it people. We might have to start cracking down on people that are just flooding the boards with spam threads and posts D:<

Ok my rant Is over.

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While I knew this would happen when I set a post limit.. I figured we'd get a little more people that actually cared and would contribute for the community. But this amount of spam is ridiculous and I'm going to start banning, warning, or suspending members probably if this keeps up or worsens. >_<

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