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vBulletin License Expiring...


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Well it's a good thing I purchased an Owned License rather then Leased License when I originally purchased vBulletin. You see a Leased License means you can only run the forum for 1 year before you have to renew your license, while an Owned License (which we have) means you can run the forum forever without having to renew your license.

However with an Owned License although you can use the forum forever, you only have access to the members area for 1 year. After that it's only $40 per year, if we purchase before it expires, it's $60 if we purchase after, to have access to the members area which has the downloads for all the release updates and security fixes.

So why am I making this post? Well our access to the members area expires May 18th. Therefore I will not be able to get any of the security fixes or version updates until I pay for access again. I stated earlier that to do so is only $40, and well at the moment I can't afford it due to certain circumstances in my life and the cost of hosting the site, etc...

So what I'm asking is that if you can/would be willing to, donate just a little even if it's just $1, every little bit counts. Those who donate will be listed as such, and if you own a site I'm willing to place an advertisement on the forum to help get your site some more visitors as well. I really hate asking for donations, so I'd like to be able to give something back to those who donate. I'm thinking of opening an donators section on the forum with stuff in it you can only get inside, so that those who donate do get something in return. O.o

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I've updated the forum today to version 3.7, with this release comes some new features, some of which I have no idea what they do or what they are for. Such as the Social Networking or w/e. =P

The current skins are not fully compatible with this version so some of the new features may not work/be available on them, and some normal forum stuff might not work or not work properly, I'm not sure. I am however trying to get the updated versions of the skins, but it might be a week or two.

With this update, some of our mods may not work, such as the arcade, vBplaza, or RPG. I haven't checked so I don't know, if one of you try to use one of them let me know if it works fine or not. If they don't I will have to remove them because the RPG is not being updated by the maker anymore, and vBplaza isn't either, and well I'm not sure about the arcade we use. :/

Some of the normal, yet new features to this version of the forum should work on the vBulletin default skin, but none of our modifications have been added to it, so you can't use them on that skin at the moment. O.o

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I'm not sure if i will koby, but how would one go about donating?

They can Private Message me here on the forum and I can give them my paypal account. If they don't have paypal, then the only other way would be to send it via mail (which would only be reasonable if you lived in the US)..

So Paypal would be the best way.

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The current skins aren't completely compatible, and I just tested the registration page and people can't register because the old skins don't have the right stuff on the registration page.

So for a moment I thought we was going to have to go back to the default skin for a while. But I managed to revert the registration template, and now people can join. xD

I'm trying to get updates for the skin, but vBstyles wont reply to my support tickets.. :/

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