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How did you find Kametsu? - random search in google for Initial D :P

Whats your top 5 Anime?

- Macross

- Gurren Lagann

- High School of the Dead

- Lucky Star

- Samurai X

What your top 5 Video Games?

- Final Fantasy 7

- Super Mario Bros! :P

- Gradius

- Thunder Force III

- Gaiares

- Street Fighter II

What are some of your hobbies?

- collecting anime DVD/Bluray

- watching anime---of course :D

- tinker with computers

- surf the net. LOL

Do you do graphics? If so what graphic programs do you have? n/a

Do you have any questions? none for now ;)

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Hello and welcome to Kametsu! Please be sure to read the rules before you begin posting to assure your posts are ok. We all here at Kametsu hope you have a wonderful time, make new friends and have fun! If you need any help with anything, feel free to message me anytime.

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