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Allow me to introduce myself, SHADOWTHEMAN


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The anime critic and long time fan.

I have been watching anime for more then 15 years now, since 1992 or so and I've seen it all the bad the good and the ugly, but It never gets boring.

I have no true favorite animes to choose from. My unbiased personality allows me to enjoy a lot of stuff without picking favorites. This also makes me a great critic, I tend to watch new subs fresh from japan a lot. Usually less then 6 months to a year old.

My current dislikes are usually the shows that lack that Japanese maturity, Moa, and echi stuff as they are currently vary distasteful.

I am a free philosopher(If you don't get it don't bother) a veteran, a writer, magic player, and am currently learning UDK.(Unreal development kit) Among other things.

To the point of being a critic. Seeing so much anime over the years I have come to expect certain things from all the genres it encompasses. So I have come up with a specializing system that I use exclusively for anime.

I wont get into it here for this is just an intro. But I'm hoping to have fun and to find mature people who I can have profound discussion with and so on.

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