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  1. happy birthday red! have a good one!

  2. hah! i beat oby to your profile! Happy bday dude! come back soon, we're gonna re-start the zombie rp!

  3. Im reading Life of Pie for my Comparative Religions class.........and a 6 page paper to go with it ugh @_@
  4. Im currently rewatching Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu. I also am restarting Code Geass!
  5. I just finished Totoro again.......I have learned that Cat testicles Are prominent feature of this move lol
  6. Im replaying FFXII and Powerleveling it lol. Only 50 more hours to go....>_>
  7. Banned for being in a valley of wind
  8. Just want you to know i havent forgotten about you just taking me time to find a good quality version of the movie

  9. Watched me some Pirate Radio! Gotta love the combination of classic rock, Sex, drug, and Booze!
  10. Ya, if you can find it that be appreciated. Im in no big hurry so when ever you get to it will be cool, Thank You!

  11. I can try to fine the movie for you do you still need/want it?

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