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  1. New..... one thought. Don't worry just watch every thing. Don't actually worry what any one says. No offence the posters above. Instead just watch what you can. Define what you like then search that out instead. That as a first timer its more fun.
  2. Sounds okay. Changing your cpu later on sounds good though. Other wise your board should do just fine. Just note the vid card will be bottle necked until you update.
  3. I gues there isn't much I could say. It never seems like one element alone could hold a show together. I can imagine haveing a catch like a theme or a charicter as a corner stone can help draw in the audience. Yet the show needs more than that. A straight man, an antagonist or even a trope like the pipe layer. These things help build up the show. Not to mention the tropes used in stroy. Yes we can play with the al mighty Mcguffen or Dues ex. lol. I can imagine what makes a bad show vs a good one vs a great one is how well all these things fall together when it comes to the authers and chirecters. goofy dogs lol.
  4. Win 7 or xp is all you need. I don't need my pc to look like my cell. It just seems like dumbing down what worked in the first place.
  5. Origanaly they say that with out confilct there is no story. This is a vary, vary old idea. The knigh vs the dragon, A person vs there personal flaws and so on. This one idea that only conflict can create a story has been the standard they teach in schools for centuries. I gues thats something anime can teach us in recent years. Only for about 5 years slice of life animes have defined an idea that you don't usually need conflict to create a great story. Maybe, just maybe anime will become a vehicle for a new style of story telling that will go against the old styles that have been going on for hundreds of years and help others produce new styles that promote a more healthier media culture.
  6. Yeah, I dunno. I consume a lot of media (not necessarily anime), I don't know that I've ever heard anyone say, "I read eight million books and it proved to me that all humans suck", haha. I think there might be some confirmation bias--if you're inclined to dislike people, then you'll want to seek out media that reaffirms this belief. There is some insight you can gain from watching the media of another country, but it wouldn't paint a complete picture. You always hear those stories about people who consumed loads of US media and think they understand exactly what kind of people we are, when really they just understand a small portion of it that might be loaded with tons of stereotypes and tropes that, without background knowledge, might lead people astray. I will say that learning about how Japan views anime has been pretty interesting. I know in these circles it's all fine and well to have huge collections of manga and anime, but in Japan that's a little weird and might be unacceptable. There's so much cultural disconnect when there are people whose only impression of Japan comes from anime and it's interesting to watch things unfold, if occasionally sad and weird. There's a manga (anime??) about a dude who, like, totally idolised Japan and thought it was some massive anime theme park. You know the kind--happily called himself otaku, wanted to become a manga-ka. He was in for a real surprise when he went to Japan and discovered that, whoops, being an otaku is a major bad thing and being into anime too much means you're irresponsible and almost a social pariah. I've seen some scans floating around Tumblr, it looks interesting. It reminds me of some fans I've come across. I think there called weaboos.(note if you call your self a weaboo and your not like this I mean no offense.) I can emagine that all types of media has its version of over done fans. People who over emphisise what little can be learned from anime, and go under the assumption thats all there is to Japan. I know that anime can be a vary good infjuence. Mainly due to how Japan views its morals. Heck most villains in anime don't cuss, abuse or act like a total A!! to infuse the fact there villains. Most act on real thought. This is also why anime isn't the best for 4 year olds and under. Anime is just more mature then most other films and show pruduced by others. By giveing realistic reasons why poeple are they way they are, moral or not poses a better example then a show that forces a messege down its auddiences thoats. I have for this reason, perposely shown my niece anime since she was 5. The type with strong willed real female leads, fun adventures with an important moral and I think shes better off for it. Now she loves shows like Soul eater and lucky star. :embarassed:
  7. ................Wow. Some of this stuff you all said is just out there. I don't know who to quote. So I have to ask is how anime taught you such things. How did anime teach you that humans are all evil things. Its fiction. How does anime prov what Japan is like once again its fiction. I'm not trying to be a dick I just noticed that these things are oddly specific so i'm curious how you came to these conclusions. Other wise I see anime as more of a door way not any thing else. It can introduce another culture and due to the fact they live differently even ideas. How ever after that I don't think anime is a good indicator of how any one in Japan lives there lives. Its a good way to broaden your individual horizons as it introduces something new yet media from almost any culture can do that. The reason why anime is more prolific than lets say German's version of the times is fact that In Japan there more dedicated to there work. Like those who create manga or anime.
  8. Its darker then Night, but has better character development. If you liked the concept in Night you will definitely like Zero. They definitely had a higher budget for Zero. Now all we need is a third Fate stay 2100. lol.
  9. In female dominated arcades it all comes down on how the arcade is set up and whats popular. Nothing really to it. To do that here in the states or other similar countries it would take a lot more work. How ever I have heard of local clubs that are great for this sort of thing. A lot of people take for granted that other cultures and countries can do things so extremely different from were the currently live. Even studies of this nature can easily forget this, and only talk as if what they say represents the whole of the Earth. When its clearly not the case. In terms of comics its a different creature. Comics have been a more independent medium for a long time. Depending upon how you look at it comics can be either a boys only thing a great girls only experience. I'm not a comic book geek my self but now a days female heros are shown a lot better in the comics then the movies. It's when they translate from one medium to the next things seem to change.
  10. I tend to watch a lot of movies, being that its one one my hobbies. "Chick flicks" tend to fall into a genre rather than any movie with a female lead. How ever you definitely have a point. Especially in western countries were male commercialize is ahead. I think it comes down to what people are taught when there young. Boys are told to play with GI joes while girls are told to play with Barbeys. Seance the market is predominantly focus on male buyers toy makers are less likely to make toys that appear to them "girly". Like female super heroes. http://thatguywiththeglasses.com/videolinks/teamt/leon-thomas/renegade-cut/39605-renegade-cut-superheroes-and-orson-welles In this vid its discussed at one point how super hero movies at one time weren't taken seriously and there for weren't given the budget or directorial professionalism they needed to succeed. It could be easily said for female heroine movies. As said they are not good vehicles for boys toys. I hate this kind of biased bunk. The only reason why this stigma was created in my opinion was the fact that bars, mainly male patron bars were the first vehicles for the first arcade games. This bled over to mainstream arcades making arcades and games a "men only thing". (How ever once again this trend is mainly in the west only as many arcades in Asian countries can be female dominated) This puts Mr. psychobabble into question. The whole girls can't play games is such an stupid idea. Any time I here a guy messing with his girlfriend or another girl about how "girls can't play games" I see a guy that is threatened easily and insecure. Mediums like DnD and videos games that offer an escape will always be vehicles to attract a certain type on insecure type of individual. Do to the fact that they offer the kind of escape they desire. In games its all ego, in my opinion. Guys like that can easily feel threatened by any one. You know every one has that one friend who jumps on the chance to brag, and when bragging rights are earned by some one else will go out of there way to destroy it. For this reason "girls can't play games" is just an easy way to do just that. In terms of making games I can see two routes. 1. Play it safe for the money. Go for the easy sale. The pros. making an average amount of money is garenteed. Neg. You can't make any thing really influential and you pass up making a ton of money. 2. Make an original product with a unique twist. Pros. Something that can make a lot of money, you make it your way. Neg. More risk In this I listen a lot to Angry Joe. ( http://thatguywiththeglasses.com/bt/aj) I agree, make something new, original to make your mark. By this point any one that makes something good and unique would make more money than the game makers who make the same "spunkgarglewewe"
  11. Your preaching to the quire. As things change the more people will ask why. I can imagine with any consecutive generation theirs always a percentage of people who will see things differently and will change the status quo. In other places it can be vary different as well. I know in Japan most items are advertised as though they are always selling to girls while in the states it's boys. In some African tribes the women are the leaders and hunters while the males are the care takers. Many ideas like this are a cultural thing. They can change drastically for many reasons. A person moves the masses, the masses change appeal, a dramatic happening forces change and more. Yes questioning things along with others is a great way to bring social change over time. Yet that's the thing "over time" is the main point. One would have to be patient, but slowly but surly things will change. Just look at media today versus 50 years ago. Yes there were missteps and goof ups but things are still moving forward. And unless your Mr. King and can move the masses that's all you can ask for.
  12. I agree this trope is as old as the hills, and done to much. I can see it working one in a while but when its seems to be all over it gets boring. The damsel in distress theory is a lot of like the Smurfette principal. http://thatguywiththeglasses.com/videolinks/team-nchick/nostalgia-chick/16616-the-smurfette-principle Just another reason why modern day anime is getting better. In recent years in anime strives have been made to escape these old tropes. Ones that brake the idea that the female protagonist must at some point become week for her male counter part to get the excuse to save her. I wonder if they have an episode about anime. I can imagine as any one social group develops and both sexes gain equal footing these kind of ideas become things of the past. I could go into greater detail but I won't until this thread is more fleshed out. This can be a vary sensitive subject after all, one that deserves respect.
  13. Right now I think its a little to early to make a proper call about any of the next gens games. I would at least try to stay positive but you do have a point right now the ps4 and wii u look like my systems for the next gen.
  14. A long long time ago in a best buy far far away. I bought a vista, lol. Wait that's the second most............. The first was when that same computer over heated and practically blew up in my bed while I was out grabbing a snack.
  15. oh yeah, well I bet that none of them have the atari 2600 for comparison. LOL Kidding aside I just wanted to do a better comparison then just the numbers so I posted the old systems as well. I have to admit the was only a few when I posted this, now today there are five more. Yeesh.
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