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I'm back...


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Sup, I'm back 'cause I wanted to start watching anime again, so I came back and this time I'm probably gonna try and stay active. Erm, I need a MU premium account to download quicker and mutiple files, so if someone could let me borrow theirs that would be great but if not it doesn't matter.


Ryan. :byebye:

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Welcome (back) to the forums, and I hope you enjoy (again) your stay.:baffle: As for a MU premium account, sorry, can't help you there; don't have one myself. But you can try a download manager if you need to download a bunch of stuff at a time and don't want to sit there to start the next file after one finishes. Here's a thread in the forums that was created to talk about a few different ones that work really well. http://forums.kametsu.com/showthread.php?t=4029

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