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  1. Hey all anyone still about these parts :) 

  2. hey Koby long time hows it going :)

  3. cypherthegreat

    Bleach Manga discussion

    hmm its getting interesting Spoiler dont read this bit you have been warned lol hmm i think thats ichigos hollow (WHITE)_ soo i think his mum absorbs it when she gets hit or it come back later when she is pregnant and ichigo get infected lol
  4. cypherthegreat

    Bleach Manga discussion

    haha lol soo true but it seems the explanation and the training will come at the same time OMFG that would mean that uryu would be his cousin lol oh btw why am a crusader X
  5. cypherthegreat

    Bleach Manga discussion

    Ichigos face when he failed was class so now back to basics XD that clearly means more isheen isheda senior and urahara awesomeness to come XD
  6. cypherthegreat

    Bleach Manga discussion

    I'm kinda disappointed how long and short they made the kampachi section they did not really show of yachiru unohana's bankia much it was bit hard to understand from the manga and they delayed it by a week =-(
  7. cypherthegreat

    what is the best justsu

    leave ur creative and interesting comments below ultimate permanent shadow-clone kinky jutsu is mine by far XD
  8. cypherthegreat

    what is the best justsu

    planetary resengan
  9. cypherthegreat

    WHich is the best ecchi anime you have watched so far

    High school dxd and queens blade code geass kinda
  10. cypherthegreat

    Bleach Anime Nears its End. (True Story, Bro)

    Damn it seems official this truly was the last episode of bleach I'm kinda pissed cos I really wanted to see the final arc animated this was my first ever anime other than dbz pokemon bayblade yugiho cant spell sry lol any a few others but still this was the first true anime I watched online oh well I hope the animators will see sense lol anyways is there any good places I can watch erekka seven on my droid cos most sores are a pane Well cya for now cypher
  11. cypherthegreat

    IRC Names

    Im cypherthegreat lol hmm how do you set up the and chat version having a bit of and issues cost im new to it lol and I post from my droid now lol thanks
  12. I always watch anime on my beautiful samsung galaxy s 1 its soooooooo good lol my current favours are code geass hit man, reborn high school dxd lol yeah awsome storey lines lol soooooooo so bleach is ending also living one piece but sippuden is become dull.. For streaming on your mobile divce idea recommend anime sippuden mobile its free and fast works on all droids and apple products aka most smartphones both on 3g etc and wifi code geass is so good oh you fans season 3 is out this summer well that's all folk for now anyways Sry for bad typing kinda hard to do on a phone cypherthegreat
  13. so guys it been a few months since ive been away so i thought that ill one this thread to say hi and i think i have cracked the whole Naruto story line lols bins busy getting up-to-date on one piece and finished both FMA ans FMA brotherhood also loving akeria the manga not the film no offence the film is poor but apparent Hollywood is gonna make a new version i look forward to it now time for bleach: fullbring ooh the potentials manga readers please do not runit it for animie views lol and lastly one piece the new world and a new ep came out yesterday well this morning for me lol about 3am lol fishman island any comments? cypher
  14. its kool lol soooo hows life

  15. oh sry my bad some chicks like that

  16. awesome nice 2 meet u lets evolve together XD

  17. sooo hows life babe?

  18. cypherthegreat

    Best Filler Management? - Statistics Speak

    wow that must have taken some time