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  1. Your avatar is fabulous.

  2. Pandemonium

    IP.Board Software Update 3.4.4

    Nice work on the update Koby, hope it helps in the long run.
  3. i see you too o uo

  4. Pandemonium

    Naruto Live-Action Film

    Definitely. If they had an actual film budget, imagine what they could have accomplished.
  5. Pandemonium

    Last Live-Action Movie you Watched?

    The New Daughter
  6. Pandemonium

    Game of Thrones (TV Series)

    I missed the premier episode because it aired while I was away at college. I'm going to wait until the first season comes out on DVD and purchase it.
  7. Pandemonium

    Kametsu Khronicle Issue #2

    Nice work on the Khronicle.
  8. Pandemonium

    Last Live-Action Movie you Watched?

    The last movie I watched was Mutants, a French zombie horror film.
  9. Pandemonium

    What was the last thing you purchased?

    Some food from Arby's for lunch.
  10. Pandemonium

    Currently Watching? (Except Anime)

    Legend of the Seeker (Season Two)
  11. Pandemonium

    Count to 100,000

  12. Pandemonium

    Count to 100,000