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I'm new and hope you are too :D


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I was redirected to this place from another forum, Cartoon World. I think I'll give it a try!

I like anime alot. I think the following series are the best ever produced.

Death Note


Allison To Lillia


Macross Plus

When They Cry

Kaze No Stigma (I wish he'd been more jaded than he was, later he just sorta accepts things)

There's a few more but these are darn good to represent Anime as a whole.

I found a few small anime encoder groups I am so happy someone is fixing the file size mess, normally it's just to big for something like D.Gray Man.

I also like the groups that offer FTP access if you donate, that's EPIC.

Honestly I've been involved in a music project for years that had me cataloging and archiving my music using MusicBrainz so I'm just getting back into Anime.

I happened to pickup some great Dual Layer DVD's from Fry's for 24 bucks on sale. What a deal :D

I don't game now because I just sucked to bad, instead I collect No-Intro romsets (if you know what those are) but only ones that work in Mednafen.

I am really looking for Anime that has a good story and is not endless, I've considered getting Prince of Tennis but yea watching hundreds of episodes is NOT a joy to me lol

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Who referred you from C-W? xD

Welcome to Kametsu.

I happen to dislike small-sized encodes. I'm all for quality. Starving the bit-rate to reduce filesize reduces quality, sure to most people they can't tell it, but no matter what a 350 MB 720p file will always have better quality than a 60 MB 720p file.

I haven't ever messed with dual-layer dvds, but I usually by a 100 pack of single layered dvds for $20. During Black Friday I stocked up on 6x 50 packs of dvds for like $6 each.

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