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Read this before you ask for help!

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Read the FAQ!

Read the Rules!


When posting for help, please try to search or scan the first few pages the board to find if your question has been answered. This saves both time and effort, since you'll have your answer sooner than if you had to post and wait for someone to get back to you.


You won't necessarily be penalised for posting a frequently asked question, but people may be less than enthusiastic to tell you how many posts you need before you can download or explain why you can't edit your profile, since these are things that are covered in the FAQ.


It's both a courtesy to the staff and to other users, and it helps keeps things relatively tidy.


Thanks in advance!




Previous version for posterity.

Basically its simple enough, due to the staff having to repeat themselves several times over on the same thing. When going to post on the assistance board asking for help, do a quick look-over of it to make sure we haven't already answered your question responding to another persons inquiry. This saves us both time and effort, if you can find the answer to your question without having to post and wait.

Take for instance things like "what is Gil?", "what is the arcade" and "why cant I download anything?" are all questions that have been answered numerous times already.

However if the answer doesn't pertain to you, like your getting some kind of strange error downloading, please go ahead and use the assistance board. This isn't a set rule or anything just asking a simple courtesy to help keep clutter off of the board thank you for your time.

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