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Newb Here :)


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Greetings Traveler and welcome to Kametsu.

There are a few travel spots within that every member should desire to take apart in.

The Best location for upto date Wackiness is the ChatBox. It is a highly entertaining section of the Forums that is a must for all to visit.

After that you should pay attention to the Anime and Video game forum sections for they are populated by all sorts of strange creatures asking and answering questions about some of the weirdest things ever. It is a great place to find out information you might not have known before, or even wished to know.

Then you should head over to the Balamb Cafe to unwind, learn a few things about the members here and even read an odd story or too. And by Odd I do mean Odd. The Hobo Chronicles is a Must Read.

After that, and before heading to the download area, you can join in the RP area and have some fun with the members of the forum. KARP's is currently trying to get some RP's going so if you enjoy pretending to be something else, it's a great place to go!

After that, if you feel the need to be serious, the next best location is the Mako Reactor. It's were all the serious people go to have serious talks about serious things.

Then we have Tech Center for Problems, Graphical Division for some real cool drawings and then other little strange corners.

Then you can go to the download section, it's alright I suppose, all it really has is downloads though.

Please enjoy your stay at Kametsu Forums and welcome to the community!

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