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hello :)


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I just barely signed up for this forum. uh lets see im not that great at introducing myself lol.

my hobbies are sewing and somethings photography. i love gothic lolita fashion and really anything cute and frilly lol. im also obssessed with penguins and zombies (and zombie penguins >_> )

i like playing JPRGs those are fun my fav. games are kirby and golden sun. currently im addicted to playing earthbound lol.

i love anime and manga. anything really is fine by me though i mostly read alot of shoujos, those are always cute.

well ok i think thats good enough lol just thought id say hi ^_^

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Welcome to the Forums!

It's nice to meet you too. Hope you find something you enjoy. If you want to Rp or want to learn come take a peak inside Alexandria Inn.

Come check out our current Roleplay games, Agarsia, Incendia Mystery and BSE.

Any questions, feel free to ask. 5 regular posts not inculding SeeD and Forum games to get into the Download section. Please try not to spam.

Were all friendly and here to help.

Empathy, Rp staff.

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