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Hi Everybody!


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Hi Everybody.

It's me InvaderCrimson from C-W, A-C, YouTube and so on.

I'm new here and wanted to say Hi.

For once I don't want to call my self InvaderCrimson full time, I thought to try something new.

I called my self Brandon because he is one of my favorite from Pokémon

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I'm new too so in a way i can't welcome you to the forum :P but here goes anyways:

WELCOME and we hope this site will fulfill your anime needs....at least that's what i'm hoping. So annoying trying to find proper sites where the links are actually working...

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Welcome to the Forums!

It's nice to meet you too. Hope you find something you enjoy. If you want to Rp or want to learn come take a peak inside Alexandria Inn.

Come check out our current Roleplay games, Agarsia and Incendia Mystery.

Any questions, feel free to ask. 5 regular posts not inculding SeeD and Forum games to get into the Download section. Please try not to spam.

Were all friendly and here to help.

Empathy, Rp staff.

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