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  1. What's the sad face for? lol

  2. Hello , you actually got the name Brandon! aha >< nice yes I remember! haha



  3. Those Pikachu's are cute/funny =D

    Hi, Kida-kun. I'm InvaderCrimson aka IC.

    Do you remember this picture and what you said about it? (o_o)


  4. Which Key visual novel games do you prefer? Vote to decide and talk if you want. Go! This may help if your not sure with the titles; List of video games developed by Key
  5. Oh well thanks anyways for all the information, I'll be sure to let you know if I ever do require anything else.

  6. I don't know any at the moment, sorry.

  7. Well that sucks, aren't there any DOR's of those episodes cause I want the highest quality available.

  8. Sorry, no. The only DVD of 5Ds that was being released was in AUS, and they stop over a year ago at episode 53.

  9. Damn I have to ask so those missing episodes tie up any lose ends or are just fillers.

    And do you have any idea when the dvd for season 3 will be released.

  10. So far nobody outside of 4KidsTV knows what's really going on with those 12 episodes.

  11. damn that sucks, so whats happening with episode 110 to 122 are they dubbed or not or they decided not to air them.

  12. I don't know about episode 137+ being dubbed yet.

  13. So whats stopping them from realizing the remaining episodes cause to my knowledge they have already dubbed those episodes.

  14. So far it's still going through in court so 4Kids have still got the rights.

  15. So then does that mean that they haven't lost there contract with 5D's, I could care less about Zexal cause it seems like a rip off of the original series.

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