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The Vladimir Putin Interview


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Tucker interviews Vladimir Putin in Moscow, Russia. February 6th, 2024.




Timestamp Headline

00:00:00  Introduction

00:02:00  Putin gives a history of Russia & Ukraine

00:25:04  NATO Expansion
00:30:40  NATO & Bill Clinton
00:41:10  Ukraine
00:48:30  What triggered this conflict?
01:02:37  A peaceful solution?
01:11:33  Who blew up the Nord Stream pipelines?
01:24:13  Re-establishing communication with the US
01:36:33  How powerful is Zelensky?
01:48:36  Elon Musk & AI
01:51:07  Imprisoned American journalist Evan Gershkovich
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I listened to the interview.  Being as it was over two hours, I don't remember every single little thing, but the interview struck me like "Holy shit!".  Tucker Carlson getting an interview with the Russian President....as if the Russian President even would have time for an interview.  And it's not just any Russian President.....but, the one and only, Vladimir Putin.  I have so many questions as to how that was possible, like what Tucker had to go through before being able to interview Putin.  I'm under the impression that Vladimir Putin is a pretty dangerous individual, so I'd think Russian government officials had to put tracking devices on Tucker, conduct rigorous (if not invasive?) security checks, or some crazy KGB shit.  I mean, let's be real here; Vladimir Putin is living the KGB dream.


The interview provides to us the Russian perspective of the ongoing Russo-Ukraine conflict.  As much as I think that conflict is a shit-show, I don't agree with the MSM going on about it like "Russia bad," "Russia bad," "teh RuZZian orcs," or any of that.  Us Westerners just don't know the history of those parts of the world.....nor do I, really, but I'd like to think I have a clue about things.  Being as this is Russia, I can always just pin their belligerence on vodka, but Russia is still a superpower, and thus they are entitled to some exceptionalism.  As such, though we recognize Ukraine to be its own republic, Russia has historical relations with Ukraine; Russia sees Ukraine as "outskirts".  Perhaps the reason Ukraine is such a big deal to us is because some of our politicians (including the Clintons, I think) got nestled into the country near the end of the Cold War....therefore, there are "business relations" of sorts that have been going on since then.  But Ukraine has also been a leading exporter of grain products (wheat?), so this conflict has had bad logistical implications.

I do think that there is something much bigger at play, though.  Per my understanding, Russia is asserting its independence from the current globalist agenda.  At this rate, though, Russia is backed into a corner.  If worse comes to worst, Russia will go down fighting, because they refuse to assimilate (which I respect).  But, if they go down fighting, they will use nuclear weapons, and that will fuck everything up on a global scale (at least politically).  But on the other hand, I speculate that Russian victory would signify them expanding; if left unchecked, it will result in a new Rossiyskaya Imperiya.....if not a "Soviet Union 2.0".  The geopolitical implications would entail a return to the OG Cold War, where America and Russia are rivals once again.  As much as I think this new generation of Americans could stand to experience this, so that it would provide a slap in the face for them and this country as a whole and encourage patriotism.....I do also think that it would be pretty nasty and terrifying, considering how social media runs our lives and how Russia could weaponize it even further....no need explaining Russia's growing arsenal of hypersonic weapons, either.


If Russia was expanding just so they could strengthen their defenses against a possible future invasion by China's PLA, that would be reasonable.  But I think that's one of those things in life where you can't have one without the other....or something.  Russia will defend against China, but they will also try shit with America.  That's just how the war-game do.


As for Tucker Carlson, I don't watch him that much.  I understand that everybody hates him because he's another conservative talking-head, and "all conservatives are Nazis" and all that bullshit.  Didn't he get fired from Fox News?  Now he's his own independent entity, but it looks like he's been able to survive well enough....and now he was able to interview Prezident Rossiyskoy Federatsii.  Like, whooa.  This is certainly one for the history books.

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