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[IMPORTANT] Old Discord server now officially decommissioned.


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It''s been a year since we've moved to our new Discord server, accessible by visiting https://discord.kametsu.com/ -  While we had been content with leaving it as it was, with the appropriate announcements to point people in the right direction to where we are now on Discord...the simple fact remained we could do nothing further with the server. We can't delete the old server - Discord's T&S team unfairly punished Koby without proper justification and unfortunately, he was the server owner. With his account banned, and Discord refusing to give any of the staff control so we could close the server down, we did the only thing we could do - move everyone to a freshly created server.


That happened in January 2023. We are now 1 year later since we moved to our new Discord server and the old server yet still existed, still unable to be closed as we desired. Koby and I decided that we let it sit more than long enough. Therefore we both agreed to take some further actions to "wind down" the old server further. We STILL can't delete the old server (thank you, Discord [sarcastic and angry face]), but we can at least empty it out and that's what we decided to do.


The first step has already been completed - we pruned inactive users from the OLD server. In addition, all public channels on that OLD server have now been deleted and wiped - and the "readme" channel there has already been renamed to "decommissioned-server", with all roles except the ones we can't touch, removed. The next phase, is a slow and painful removal of all remaining users from the OLD server.


AGAIN - the OLD server only. We are NOT doing anything with our current server, the idea is to wind down the OLD server we USED to have ONLY. Just making that 100% clear.


The only way I figure I can do that is to manually "kick" each user one by one. Each user kicked will have the same kick message, letting them know the server was decommissioned and directing them to THIS thread for further information.


I'm just putting this thread here for anyone affected by that kick so they know it was not malicious moderation or anything of the sort. It's the only thing we're able to do on the OLD server because Discord took away our ability to delete that OLD server.


ANYWAY. If you haven't yet joined our Discord, and want to join us at our new home, please navigate your browser to https://discord.kametsu.com - this custom page has the invite link to our current server and a disclosure to read. Basically - read our rules and abide by them once there, that's pretty much it.


Thanks for reading this lengthy post as well as for your understanding (if you got caught up in the kicks from the OLD server).

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