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[IMPORTANT] Kametsu email system update


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Hi everyone,


I realize that Kametsu has been without email functionality for far too long after moving to its new home. This is pretty much entirely on me and I am deeply sorry about that, because I know this has not only impacted those of you who have email digests sent to you, but it also means we can't verify new community members nor facilitate any password resets, both of these being core functions we rely on.


I *FINALLY* have some good news about this at long last. After some discussion with @Koby  - and through my administrative connections and responsibilities with the same IRC network we host our IRC channel on (Xertion) - we have decided on a proper workaround for email functionality while we work to get a more permanent solution in place. What I will do, is at some point within the coming week, I will enable mail routing through the already existing Xertion email infrastructure. This would be a quick way to enable email once more, so that those registration verification emails go out, among other things.


Bear in mind, again, this would just be a temporary solution until we have a more permanent solution in place. Emails generated by Kametsu will still carry the kametsu.com domain name in their From address, they will just be authorized and verified to send using the Xertion IRC network's existing email system. If you're a tech-savvy type you'll probably notice that in the email headers once email starts flowing.


I will provide a follow-up post in this thread + update this original post once that has actually occurred. For now, again please accept my sincerest apologies for not having working email set up - that's entirely on me as a systems admin.


Thanks for being a part of Kametsu!

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