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Alder Forge (2022; PC)

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The Alder Forge story is set in the western part of the Ertheryan Continent, the game will take you during its 4 chapters to the Duchy of Elysia, the Kingdom of Royne, the Mighty Kingdom of Orvys, and the Atlas Court (The seat of your employer). In your adventures you are going to face a dark plot that will try to engulf the continent and break the two centuries lasting peace, meanwhile, you will discover that nothing is ever simpler than that while facing the complexity of human behavior and the lines that draw good and evil in each character you encounter throughout your journey, secret organizations, political entities, and other groups, each has their agendas and plots, meanwhile, the 5 protagonists will be in the center of those events.



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Community Update 0.8.13 and Chapter 3 sub-event.


A new puzzle sub-event is added to chapter 3. The Rings of Celyus are available in the Etheros Path near Val Réal's city gates after you spend your first night in the Dragon capital. This Puzzle will offer you the Orvysian Royal weapons pack.




  • Dialogue speed options are added to the NPCs and sub-events conversations. You can switch between x1, x2, x3, and x4 as a max speed.
  • VFX added to the platform machines on Hexagon Five's first floor to help you spot them easily.
  • Added teleport pods to the Dragon Towers to help you return to the central tower without walking back from each ritual stone.
  • 1440p resolution added to the Graphic Options and the Shaders Quality option is updated.
  • Player movement bug is fixed.
  • Shader smoothing and optimization in open landscape areas.


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Event Update 0.8.17

Greetings. Below you will find the update 0.8.17 details.

  • A new optional boss is added to Chapter 3. The Azure Eques is available near Val Réal's city gates during either the start of chapter 3 or its end.
  • Upon defeating the Azure Eques optional boss you will receive the "Espadon Azure" Greatsword for the Knight Class and with it, you can inherit the Aqua dance skill.



New fragments and new elemental skills are added to three areas from the start of the game. Upon assembling these fragments you can acquire new Anima Stones and unlock additional skills. The Anima Stones' fragments are the following:
  • The Aard Anima Stone fragments can be acquired in the Garnier Core Unit during chapter 1.
  • The Ventus Anima Stone fragments can be acquired in the High Council Building at the start of the game.
  • The "Core Lumiere" Anima Stone fragments can be acquired in Serenza city at night.


  • All the skill thumbnails are updated with new colors. Each skill thumbnail color will correspond to the elemental type it will inflict on your enemies.
  • The Ignat Sentinel boss fight (Chapter 3) cameras are adjusted.
  • The giant HXP drone's UI and camera lock are fixed.
  • Serenza city's dominant texture (Trimsheet) is redesigned as a 4K texture instead of the previous 2K one.
  • Bug conflict in the Garnier tower roofs between the optional and main story boss is fixed.


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