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UPDATE 8/30/2022: We are continuing to monitor the situation with the current Kametsu Discord server. As of this update it is still functioning. We are considering the option to sunset the old server and migrate everyone to the new server. For your reference, links to BOTH servers are below. If you are *NOT* joined to both, *PLEASE* join both!




Please stay tuned to the forums and IRC for more updates.



ORIGINAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to Discord's unfair and unjust treatment of Kametsu's owner, as well as their total refusal to provide proof of any sort of wrongdoing committed by him, we were forced to create a backup Kametsu Discord server.


Right now, the *NEW* Kametsu Discord server is EMPTY as we have not yet activated it. There will be no activity on it at the present time. However, if Discord's mods attempt to delete the current Discord server, it will become necessary to migrate to it.


Therefore, please use the invite link at the bottom of this announcement to join the backup server. PLEASE NOTE: There will not be any current activity yet, as the backup Kametsu Discord server has NOT YET been activated. We only request you to join the backup server via the invite link in this post, and idle there just in case we do end up losing the current Discord server. SHOULD THE WORST COME TO PASS AND THIS ACTUALLY OCCURS - we will make a further announcement on our Facebook page as well as on the forums, and we will activate the backup server at that time with an @everyone announcement on the new server.


We feel it's really unfortunate that the entire community has to suffer a punishment when they had done nothing wrong and the server itself was not even involved in the alleged violation. We will continue to stand by and support our community fully as we always have, and we thank you for sticking with us through these tough times.


NEW DISCORD SERVER LINK CAN BE FOUND HERE: https://discord.kametsu.com/ - tAGAIN, the new Kametsu Discord server (Kametsu v2) *IS NOT YET ACTIVE*, we are only asking you to place yourself there for the time being just in case we do lose the current Kametsu Discord server!



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