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[FIXED] HTTP->HTTPS automatic redirect broken


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Good afternoon everyone!


A bug was reported to me by @Koby wherein the redirect from http:// to https:// was not occurring automatically as it should have been, instead placing visitors to the http:// version of kametsu.com on a "default" page, the "It works!" page for the entire server.


This was caused by a parsing issue with our webserver configuration files where it was not correctly interpreting the settings for the plaintext http:// version - it had believed that there was no configuration for the http:// version of kametsu.com and thus was placing visitors to this on the default configuration host instead of redirecting visitors to the secure https:// version of the site.


An updated configuration file was uploaded with a corrected host configuration with a full proper URL defined within +the web server restarted. This appears to have fixed the issue.


Moving forward we will likely be employing HSTS rules to force browsers to unconditionally use HTTPS mode by default even when http:// is entered in the address bar, which should help further reduce or even completely eliminate any other possible occurrence of this issue.


My apologies for any inconvenience this issue caused!

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