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Updated persona + site news - FINALLY!


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Hi everyone!


Few things to cover, first off - this is IkarosBD...but I have decided to change personas after 5-6 years. I'm still me, still the same ol' admin I always was. Just a different name, different avatar, etc. If you do not know where this name came from, see this link and this link.


There, now with that out of the way - I finally have some news! Towards the end of this year, we will be making the move primarily to a blog-based website with the community refocused on our Discord and IRC channels. We will still retain the forums, of course, but they will probably take a backseat likely in an archived state at some point. Koby and I agreed that it's just too hard to completely let go of the forums so we settled on keeping them around for now.


There is no definitive date yet for making the switch, the only thing I can say is it'll likely be towards the holiday season, likely between Thanksgiving and Christmas. My work will be transitioning back to the office in mid to late October so I may have to make some adjustments to that plan but that's what I'm aiming for at this time.


For those of you that stuck with us - we thank you sincerely from the bottom of our hearts. Your loyalty and dedication to the community is greatly appreciated and without you we just wouldn't have one anymore! That being said, please, PLEASE get into our IRC and/or Discord servers! Links to Discord are in the menu bar up top and I'll try and publish up-to-date IRC information within the next few weeks or so. Our core community resides in those two locales - so please join us if you haven't already. Lurkers welcome, but feel free to start up a convo! Note that due to differing hours, there'll be lulls in activity.


Look for more updates in this space soon!

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