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[Guide] Re-Enable Compact Density Toolbars in FireFox

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In the latest FireFox release they did away with the Condensed Density option for Toolbars, hiding it away in the about:config page. This guide is to re-enable the option to utilize it if you, like many others including myself, feel that the Normal & Touch Density options are just simply far too big.


1. Type about:config in the address bar and hit enter.


2. Search for compact, in the displayed results, toggle the browser.compactmode.show pref value to true.

3. Click on the hamburger (three lines) menu button and select More Tools > Customize toolbar

4. At the bottom, click Density and choose the now available ”Compact (not supported)” option.


Voila. Enjoy good ol' Compact density while the option lasts. Here's to hoping Mozilla doesn't fully terminate the option in later updates.

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