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Hi there, folks. Been a while since I used a forum instead of modern media like reddit/Discord. Nice to get back to my roots, even though this runs on Invision instead of phpBB!


I teach (physics), I play games (a wide range of videogames including Zachtronics puzzles and Doom Eternal, ttrpgs like D&D, and tabletop games like BattleTech), and between all that I watch anime a bit too (Non Non Biyori is probably my favorite of the many I've seen, but Barakamon, Haruhi, and Gurren Lagann are also among my favorites).

I spent last year living in Japan, which was fun, and though I'm glad to be home I do miss it at times. I picked up quite a bit of Japanese while there by necessity, I could read signs in museums with a bit of time and understand the gist of spoken conversations on the right topics. The elementary kids laughed at me when I tried to construct sentences, though. Maybe one day I'll be able to contribute to a translation project or even watch anime without subs!




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Hi gliadon.


I've ran forums since 2001 and used nearly all the differing forum softwares through the years: yabb, vbulletin, phpbb, smf, invision, xenfor, ikon, mybb, burningboard, and likely many others that history has forgotten about.


Kametsu itself was created in 2004 and actually started on IPS (then known as IPB) 1.3, before moving to IPS 2.0, because of script kiddies and exploits in the software we then moved over to SMF, then eventually bought a license and moved over to vBulletin 3.6, then moved to IPS 3.4, and ultimately ended up on IPS 4.x that it is currently on.


I play video games too, but most of my play is on turn-based jrpgs such as The Legend of Heroes series currently and then games like Resident Evil. In the last few years I've also enjoyed Battle Chasers: Nightwar, Light Fairytale, Dragon Quest XI, etc.


As for anime a few of my favorites are Black Lagoon, ef ~ a tale of memories, Yuyu Hakusho, and Tokyo Magnitude 8.0.


Welcome to the community!

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