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The Walking Dead's New Spin-off First Look Trailer

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While The Walking Dead’s second spin-off doesn’t have a title yet, that didn’t stop the cast from coming to New York Comic Con to discuss the series on a panel that, surprisingly, opened with a rather interesting trailer that’s just made its way online.


Set 10 years after the beginning of The Walking Dead’s apocalypse, the new series focuses on a seemingly stable settlement of humans that have managed to create some semblance of normal life for themselves. Unlike the other shows set in this universe, the new series follows a group of younger heroes—teens who’ve all grown up never knowing a world without “empties,” their community’s name for the undead.



The trailer introduces us to these kids as they go on a journey into the ruined world beyond their small settlement with a YA drama vibe.


Get a first look at a new series from the world of The Walking Dead. Coming Spring 2020.

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