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Yutaka Yamamoto Launches Crowdfunding for 'Mahou Shoujo-tachi' Anime Project


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Animation director Yutaka Yamamoto (Fractale, Wake Up, Girls!) launched a new project on Friday that will crowdfunded through Campfire, tentatively titled Mahou Shoujo-tachi (Magical Girls). The dark fantasy magical girl project aims to raise 10 million yen (approximately US$92,700) in 33 days. The funds will go towards producing a two to five minute pilot film that will be completed in April 2020.



As of press time, the crowdfunding currently sits at 2,273,300 yen (approximately US$21,096) with 124 backers. Any additional funding will go towards the production of a full-length film.

The anime project's key visual (pictured) features a girl in a school uniform with wings enclosed by dark flames, directly referencing the July 18 Kyoto Animation arson incident. Yamamoto cites the tragedy as his motivation behind the project, saying that he is creating the film to "change anime" and wants to use it to send a message to all of those who are involved with the anime industry. Yamamoto further wrote that he cannot forgive the evil "madness" in anime that caused him the loss of a friend, and so he must defeat it through animation.

Yamamoto's previous successfully-funded project, Hakubo, exceeded its 15 million yen (approximately US$139,275) goal, raising over 21 million yen. The 52-minute film premiered in Fukushima on May 24 before it screened around Japan on June 21.

Crowdfunding page: https://camp-fire.jp/projects/view/196006

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