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‘The Alliance Alive’ Gets New Screenshots and Is Releasing Soon


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Fans of The Alliance Alive can rejoice! Japanese publisher FuRyu has updated the official site of the game with new screenshots of the HD Remastered. The images show the game’s Guilds, Guild Girls, and Telegraph system. There is also a very quick teaser clip that shows some of the game in action. You can check all of this and more at the official website here.




Spread across the divided world are several organizations created by humans called Guilds. There are five types of Guilds with five sisters who work at each Guild to aid the player on their journey. Each Guild has their own specialty, and the player will utilize them to progress through the story. Other functions the Guild provide are things like assisting you with support attacks if your engaged in battle close to a Guild.


BLXUL0A.jpg nwbnFUe.jpg


Other gameplay features are the ability to connect the world through a telegraph system of information as you build new Guild towers. At its core, The Alliance Alive is an RPG game where you’ll be able to control up to nine characters and the story centers around getting rid of otherworldly beings known as Daemons.


The Alliance Alive originally released back 2017 in Japan for the Nintendo 3DS. In its first week of release it debuted at number two in the charts, behind Nintendo Switch exclusive exclusive Arms. The remaster was announced earlier this year in Famitsu’s magazine. You’ll be able to pick this new remaster this October on the 8th for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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