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New Game: What's the Word?

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What's the Word? - MAGNANIMOUS

pronunciation: [maɡ-nan-ə-məs]


Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Latin, 16th century


meaning: 1. Quick and willing to forgive --- 2. Noble and fair, as in a ruler or leader


"The magnanimous king abolished taxes and was beloved throughout the land."

"The battle was over when the king offered a magnanimous gesture of peace to his rival."


About Magnanimous

A magnanimous action is one that extends forgiveness. A 2014 study found that people are much more likely to be magnanimous and forgiving if the party that did them wrong offers an apology or similar gesture. That may seem obvious, but the study explored the psychological implications of conflict management and group living.


Did you know?

What does being magnanimous have to do with animals? They both share Latin roots with animus, which refers to things that are alive or lively. A person who is magnanimous is said to have a particularly lively spirit of goodness within them.



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What's the Word? - ESCHEW

pronunciation: [əs-cho͞o]


Part of speech: verb

Origin: Late middle English, 14th century


meaning: 1. To avoid as a point of habit --- 2. To shun or abstain from something for moral reasons


"She eschews alcohol and drugs in favor of a healthy, low-key lifestyle."

"Many religious figures in history have eschewed basic comforts to get closer to the noble truths they pursue."


About Eschew

Many religious faiths around the world require the eschewing of certain foods, activities, or lifestyles as a sign of respect or reverence towards their god or gods. Judaism is among the most famous of these, with strict adherents eschewing fish without fins or scales, shellfish, and pigs.


Did you Know?

What does eschewing something from your life have to do with being shy? Their relationship is etymological, as both words originally came from an Old German verb that meant "to frighten off."

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What's the Word? - EPONYMOUS
pronunciation: [ə-pah-nə-məs]


Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Greek, 19th century


meaning: 1. Relating to the name of something --- 2. Describing and item named after a subject in question


"Her eponymous album was a hit, and now everyone knows her name."

"The biggest stars have names that draw wide audiences, which is why they get eponymous TV shows."


About Eponymous

Music listeners and critics consistently vote The Beatles' eponymous 1968 album to be among the greatest albums of all time. Today, it's commonly known as "The White Album."


Did you know?

Synonymous, anonymous, pseudonym, eponymous — it's no coincidence they all have to do with names for things. They come from the Greek word onyma, meaning "name."


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