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Everything Ubisoft Announced At E3 2019


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Watch Dogs Legion, a new action adventure with a beautiful look called Gods & Monsters, and a $15 per month subscription that’ll get you access to over 100 different Ubisoft games were the highlights of Ubi’s E3 presentation on Monday afternoon. There was also a dog. Read on for more about the dog.


  • Watch Dogs Legion will be out March 6, 2020 (trailer)
  • We saw a teaser of a beautiful new action adventure game with a cartoon aesthetic, like Breath of the Wild, in which you fight mythological creatures called Gods & Monsters. February 25, 2020.
  • Ubisoft is launching its own game subscription, UPlay+. $15 a month gets you access to a library of over 100 Ubisoft games and all their DLC. It will include early access, and new releases like Watch Dogs Legion. It’ll launch on September 3. In 2020 it’ll be playable on Google Stadia.
  • Roller Champions is a “skill-based, team PVP sports game.” You’ll be able to play a pre-alpha demo for the next few days on PC (trailer).
  • Rainbow Six: Quarantine is the next Rainbow Six. It’s a three-player tactical player-versus-enemy co-op game coming in early 2020 (trailer).
  • Just Dance 2020, is coming to Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia... and Wii. Yep. A Wii game in 2019.
  • A new mobile strategy game called Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad will bring characters from multiple Clancy franchises together.
  • The Division 2 will be free to play from June 13-16 and the game’s first major update, “D.C. Outskirts Expeditions,” will kick off in July with Episode 1. Episode 2, this fall. And Episode 3, in early 2020. The upcoming movie will be produced with Netflix.
  • Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is getting Story Creator and Discovery Tour modes (trailer).
  • Rainbow 6: Siege’s next season, “Operation Phantom Sight,” is out tomorrow.
  • For Honor has a new limited-time event called “Shadows of the Hitokiri.” It’s available this week.
  • Adventure Time is crossing over with Brawlhalla. The update is available today; they’re playable for free until June 25 and then they will cost money.
  • Rob McElhenney from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia showed up to discuss Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet, a television show that he and castmate Charlie Day are putting together with Ubi, a comedy for Apple TV+ about game development (announcement).
  • Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, available October 4. The game will include AI teammates for solo players as part of its “post-launch plan.” It’ll also have an official community for Ghost Recon fans called “Ghost Recon Delta Company.” The beta of Ghost Recon: Breakpoint launces on September 5.



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