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FREE DLC 'The Ghost Survivors' and 'Vintage Retro Costumes' coming to 'Resident Evil 2' February 15th


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"The Ghost Survivors" is coming as free DLC Resident Evil 2 starting February 15th!



Countless lives were lost in the unprecedented biological disaster which eventually came to be known as the "Raccoon City Incident." If only things had gone just a little bit differently, perhaps a few more souls might have survived...

"The Ghost Survivors" explores this "if only," showing the imagined fates of three victims of the Raccoon City Incident. Turn back the clock, and explore this "what if" scenario as a member of a special forces team, the mayor's daughter, and a certain gun shop owner.


Forgotten Soldier ---------------------------------------- Runaway ------------------------------------   No Time To Mourn



Party like it’s 1998 all over again with some (extremely) vintage retro costumes for Leon and Claire, free to all Resident Evil 2 owners beginning February 15th!



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  • Koby changed the title to FREE DLC 'The Ghost Survivors' and 'Vintage Retro Costumes' coming to 'Resident Evil 2' February 15th
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In a few hours we'll see the release of Resident Evil 2's free Ghost Survivors DLC, so to get you ready, Capcom has released some salient details on what the new 'what if?' scenarios will entail. Robert Kendo, Katherine Warren, and special operative Ghost will each have their own chapter, revealing what could have been.

Within the Resident Evil 2 canon, none of the trio make it through the Raccoon City outbreak alive, but the three DLC episodes reveal what might have happened if they had. In 'No Time to Mourn' gun store owner Kendo finds himself keeping the undead hordes at bay while waiting for a rescue helicopter to arrive. Apparently, there will be new poisonous zombies to contend with too. Eep.

'Runaway' will feature mayor's daughter Katherine Warren, fighting for her life against a zombie mutation that's susceptible only to powerful ammunition, while 'Forgotten Soldier' has you playing as Ghost, a member of Hunk's USS unit assigned with obtaining the G-Virus. In this one, you'll battle armoured enemies using an arsenal of military weaponry. Ghost Survivors will also add new character accessories, challenges, and achievements.

You'll be able to play Ghost Survivors in Resident Evil 2 from 15th February on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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