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Bakugan Battle Planet


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Honestly, the pictures make it look more like a cartoon, but since it's Bakugan, I'm putting it in the anime section. Please correct me if I'm wrong.


10 years after it's original US debut, Bakugan will be getting a reboot called "Bakugan Battle Planet", which will come December on Cartoon Network in the US, and Teletoon in Canada. 
The show will still be dubbed by Nelvana.
Press releases and leaks seem to show Dan as well as some new characters we have never seen before. They will be working with the original animators from the original show, however they also said it will be an 11 minute episode format.



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I honestly downloaded this hoping to get some Bakugan goodness like the good old days but... I didn't really like it and deleted it without even watching much. I didn't dig any of the character designs either, tho maybe it's because I was thinking of it as an anime rather than a cartoon, which is what it is.

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