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Hiya, newbie here


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Hopefully I'm doing this right. Never joined an actual forum before (at least not one like this), let alone introduced myself in one. 

I'm not very interesting but some anime I like are Samurai Champloo, Baccano, Beck and Made in Abyss. I've had Code Geass on hold for six years after watching 10 episodes and one of the biggest enigmas of my life is if someday I'll finish watching it. Who knows! 

Anyways, I hope you're all having a nice time. Let's get along 😀

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13 minutes ago, Koby said:

Welcome to the friendly community of Kametsu. Nice intro. I have yet to watch Baccano and Made in Abyss, but both of them I do plan to eventually see.

Thank you! Very impressed with the Kametsu's quality and dimension. I think I'm in for a nice time. 

Baccano in particular is one of my all-time favorites; I can't recommend it enough.  

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