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I think Deadman Wonderland is overrated


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On 8/31/2018 at 12:31 PM, 17351734 said:

I didn't think the show isn't fun to watch. The basic story was an interesting idea and some of the characters were well developed, but the show just annoyed me throughout.



It's kind of an abrupt post, but honestly I'd agree in general that the work (manga and anime) is really just 'okay'. There are some body horror sci-fi works like Attack on Titan or Tokyo Ghoul that seem to really catch on, and ones that just seem to not be bad. Sort of like all those supernatural shonen ones around the time of Bleach and Naruto (anyone remember Shaman King or D-Gray Man?).

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Well the anime adaptation was started before the manga was complete (I believe) and towards the end the anime was completed before the manga was ready.  The diversion from the manga basically made the anime not really able to have a season 2.  It is similar to how Hellsing was created by jumping ahead of the manga which resulted in them having to create Hellsing Ultimate to get the proper story done right.  Unfortunately this anime didn't do well enough for them to do a reboot of it, unfortunately.  I would have really liked to see it as it was intended.


**Crap, I forgot the forum rebuild changed it a bit and many of these threads are old...oh well**

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forgot what year it was...lol
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