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  1. RegorTheGreat


    Incorrect. And to help provide a little more specific info... Radiant is based on the french Comic of the same name that is distributed in Japan, but was animated and produced by Lerche Studios who also did the animation for series such as Assassination Classroom and Danganronpa.
  2. RegorTheGreat

    Can RWBY get its home in the Anime Section?

    You know, I never really took this into consideration. Good point!
  3. RegorTheGreat

    Can RWBY get its home in the Anime Section?

    I appreciate and totally respect your response. This definitely isn't for everyone. Like I mentioned earlier, this may apply to just a select few at the moment. But, I predict this to gradually change and will grow to become a bigger concern that will affect more and more with time. Just remember, when the time comes where it affects you, please remember I predicted it long before anyone thought it was even an issue and even worked towards the basis for the solution. But who knows, maybe it'll never happen or be resolved in another manner...who knows...
  4. RegorTheGreat

    Can RWBY get its home in the Anime Section?

    I totally understand where your coming from. But from what you just said, there's clearly a need for terminology to help classify since this issue is starting to hit the top of the food chain...as I predicted it would, eventually...earlier in this thread. I posted my idea laid out simply as an Idea and possibly a good starting point for simple awareness. I didn't mean it like I did in the original post asking for us to make changes. It's more top seed the basic idea in the back of people's minds to consider what my idea is and remember it when these sorts of discussions come up in other places of the interwebs. The exact term I used may not live in, but the premise of it should and can't help be a pivotal point in the fandom collectively coining a new team for this very reason so that it can become official at some point. No, my idea is simply an example from my point of view used to explain how I would personally classify. The main point is that if everyone hypothetically uses a term such as what I came up with based on the idea and reasoning for needing it, and develops their own way they would classify "Amino", collectively combining this information would create a more universally agreed upon categorization without even realizing it. When anime was new to us, we didn't have a term so just used anime. Now, we just need to continue conversations all over the net with this simple little idea in the back of our minds when this issue comes up and terms will automatically be created, changed, and simply grow on its own into a new category that would be eventually too popular to not use and would be adopted by companies having trouble currently trying to categorize their video as anime. The point is that I haven't seen or heard anyone ever say, Party A says it's anime...Party B says it's not...technically one is correct, but essentially the other is also correct...Hey, let's fix the terminology instead of arguing over an old outdated term that technically isn't accurate at all for use outside of Japan. I only see this problem grown more and more until something like my idea finally happens. It's inevitable. Am I the only person that really sees this?
  5. RegorTheGreat

    Can RWBY get its home in the Anime Section?

    I just thought of a great idea. Anime is Japanese Animation. So a new term we can use (instead of Anime-esk, etc...) can be "Animo" that we can freely standardize as a term for any Anime Style-like video no matter the location of development that has similarity or design purposefully to be like Anime. "Animo" is short for "Animated Motion Video", but shortening in a way to very closely resemble "Anime" which matches the goal of what it represents similarity to, but not limited to. Basically, a more adult themed animation that is normally designed by using back end 3D modeling but overlay art style by use of hand drawn, digital coloring, and other techniques to make it not look like digitally created video...but utilizing technology and 3D models to help enhance and speed up the production of an artistic style video...the way anime is. So I would like to hereby coin the term "Animo" for shows like RWBY and Exaella as they really don't seem to fit in the category of cartoon. Another movie I have always felt it to be more like anime than cartoon was Titan A.E.. I don't normally take much interest in American made animations, but for some reason Titan A.E. didn't give me that same feel that all the others do...just like RWBY! And, well, Exaella is clearly an anime that was just produced in Russia instead of Japan...so it clearly needs a place to hold the closest possible relation to anime. Oh, a there are a few others I feel need this title (if they aren't considered anime, which I don't think they do...) including Godzilla Monster Planet [Trilogy], the Castlevania series (which I think is an excellent series...can't wait for the next season), and some others... Sorry for bringing this old thread I started, and thought we fully concluded, back up. But I had one of those weird mornings waking up and just having this thought in my head and I thought it was a great idea. So I needed to write it down. Please feel free to share your thoughts on this. If you think it's totally dumb, that is fine...please briefly explain...or just say I'm dumb...whatever. This is not meant to start this conversation all over and open the argument up again. But, if this idea sounds as good to others as it does to me, maybe this will help share the idea with others and if enough think it is a good idea, collectively everyone can think about it and help define and create a new simple solution to anime-like video categorization such as what I've proposed. My ultimate goal with this is to be able to easily search a genre that contains all of what I like instead of having just Anime and then have to fish through Cartoon Categories to hunt for an anime-like movies/series/OVAs hidden in there. It just doesn't seem feasible and I often miss very good shows because of this. I hope a simple solution, such as this, may help to fix this...little issue possibly a non-issue for many, but considerable for some. ** Oh, as for my Avatar being Archer...even though it is an animation and may meet most of the criteria I described for "Animo", I would not consider it as part of this category. It simply does not have the same feel at all. The same goes for South Park. (both of which are pretty much the only non-anime animated series I watch). **
  6. RegorTheGreat

    Can RWBY get its home in the Anime Section?

    Exactly my point! (I think)
  7. RegorTheGreat

    Can RWBY get its home in the Anime Section?

    I totally respect your opinion. And, you are exactly correct about the "if" scenario for other shows which is why I feel there would be (or maybe is) the need for specific requirements to be met for the label to apply. Right now we basically have two sites that are the authoritative entities who decide what falls in the category of "anime". Do they follow the same standard as you by "if made in Japan"? Where do you draw the line between video from Japan? Death Note live action...clearly not an anime, but would you possibly file that under your anime collection? Animation itself has changed quite a bit over time to 3D CGI and will continue to change as live action video contains more CGI to where they will probably merge. It's the basis of this type of modernization of technology that can change what defines what and a Kobe Beef patty on a bun gets called a hamburger. Will the definition of "anime" change with the times or will new terminology be created to accurately recategorize sub genres and new design methods for video production? ...just something to think about. And, once again, I've started thinking too much into this! Lol. Sorry... :-P (I'm getting a little bored at work...which is really rare)
  8. RegorTheGreat

    Can RWBY get its home in the Anime Section?

    Lol. I've never put so much thought into this subject before... For American made adult cartoon/animation shows, such as South Park and Archer, I've never really known what to call them. I've always just called them shows like any other TV show. I've never had to describe them before because everyone knows what they are. But that question for categorizing anime definitely plays a part in my categorization. I guess American made animation isn't nearly as diverse as Anime is. We pretty much have 90% all animation as cartoon or whatever we would call the very popular CG Animation from Pixar an other studios that are made for kids. Quick search I found Wikipedia describes Archer as "Adult Animated SitCom". Arg, I had to look up "Cartoon" now. "Cartoon" as a definition has changed over time as it originally wasn't referred to animation at all. "Cartoon" doesn't appear to be used anymore for modern American animation, but seems to just refer to "two-dimensional illustrations". Wikipedia describes all modern day "Cartoons" as "Animated Series/Movies". Oh well, this might be a bit off subject here. Sorry. I guess the idea of trying to put RWBY into the Anime section was the wrong way of going about fixing what I though should change. Instead, maybe changing the term "Cartoon" would be the more accurate solution. But what could it be changed to in order to keep it simple and properly identify? "Animated Animations"...lol? I can't really think of any single way to define the category that would include "Cartoons", "Animated TV", "Animated Movies", "Adult Animated...", "Anime-Style Animation", etc. Unfortunately, it appears "Cartoon" is just the simplest, albeit not being very accurate.
  9. RegorTheGreat

    Can RWBY get its home in the Anime Section?

    Oh wow. I didn't realize so many cartoons were outsourced like that. I meant what I said more of as a hypothetical situation not realizing how much it was actually done. Thanks for the reply and the way way you explained it. I have a better understanding now. I regards to how you mentioned many anime don't have the appearances of what we call anime, I agree with you there. I was actually thinking about how I wouldn't even call some "anime" anime because of that exact reason. If I was to tell someone about one of those, I would call it a Japanese cartoon instead of anime. That's how I, personally, categorize anime. I guess I'll just need to call RWBY an "American made anime-like series"...or maybe take out "American made" and simplify it to "Anime-like animation" so that it would be more universal to others, such as "Exaella".
  10. RegorTheGreat

    Can RWBY get its home in the Anime Section?

    I had a feeling this might rub someone the wrong way. But this is precisely why I posted this in this section as I am looking for exactly what/why/how people, who are strict in the categorization for defining anime, determine or define what is classified as anime and what isn't. I assume you feel any animation created in Japan is anime and everything that isn't is cartoon? If so, what if an animation was outsourced to multiple production companies outside Japan to do the animation, music, sound production...but the voice actors and completion of the material is completed in Japan and is released in Japan? There are many hypothetical situations in which the definition can be challenged. Maybe something as simple as any animation released in Japan would be considered anime and animation released outside Japan would be cartoon? Sorry if I am overthinking this and making it seem complicated. I'm just very interested in other peoples thoughts on the matter and trying to get a good understanding why...as I feel the traditional standard for defining anime may have been a very simple thing 10 years ago, but I really think it is much more in the gray area today as the popularity of anime has increased tremendously outside of Japan. I remember when I first saw anime over 10 years ago, it was called Japanimation. Then, eventually, it simplified down to anime. But, Japan calls all animation, even from other countries, anime...then maybe we were using the wrong term to begin with and should have been calling them cartoons. But instead, by people outside Japan using the term anime means they used the same word, but with a slightly different meaning. So if Japan calls RWBY anime, why can't we? "Anime" is basically what fandom chooses to define it as...and as a result, the definition is simply opinion based. The way each of use the term "anime" can be considered both accurate and inaccurate at the same time...a bit ambiguous, right? But I think Koby hit the nail on the head with his second post in thread. So I will leave it at that. I would like to hear more on your thoughts on the matter, if you would like to share.
  11. RegorTheGreat

    Can RWBY get its home in the Anime Section?

    So how would you classify Anime? I agree with Catar. Anime itself has gone beyond its own definition to where getting technical with what Anime is, almost all current "Anime" technically isn't Anime anymore. 3DCGI is used to greatly speed up development of anime and helps to generate more in depth gradients. Most Anime today is only part "Anime" at most. Appleseed, Vexille, and many others are 100% CGI and are still considered Anime. It's just like a hamburger...the name sticks even though it is not was it originally was. This leaves it up to debate as to how to determine what "Video" would be considered "Anime" and the definition will change with time. That's why I was hoping to expand the definition and reclassify RWBY as an Anime. Oranges, tangerines, mandarines...they are all pretty much different, but are basically the same thing. Just call them all an orange and be done with it. As far as how this site will continue to classify "Video", I agree it is probably best (and simplest) to keep things consistent with a major source. Eventually, hopefully, a new major source will take the initiative to reclassify and help set a new trend in classifying Video...and maybe use the term "Anime" to be considered simply as a particular style which can be created anywhere and by anyone...
  12. RegorTheGreat

    Can RWBY get its home in the Anime Section?

    @Koby Yes, I think I misunderstood a bit. You are correct. @emjay911 I do wish we had a better categorization for these particular shows as I never look in cartoons section because all the cartoon shoes I was like Archer and South Park and so on air here and I can just DVR. But for the others from other countries that I wouldn't know about, I probably would never find of it goes into the cartoon section. Exaella cane out of nowhere and I really liked it. Hell, I can't remember how I stumbled over RWBY, but that would have sucked if I never knew about it. @Catar I totally agree with you and understand the reasoning behind how KF is categorizing them. Until the genre changes as far as how they are categorized, it makes sense to use AniDB and MAL as the best source to use for categorizing as a general standard for the time being. I guess someone needs to coin a new term (not "anime") which includes most anime and adult themed animation to recognize this brief range type of animation (automated drawing, CG, etc.) But I don't see this happening anytime soon unless a major company, maybe like Funimation, decides to licence a show that is technically not anime but try to sell it as if it was and attempt to set a new standard/category to identify the type of show so that it fits in their like of licensed animation.
  13. RegorTheGreat

    Can RWBY get its home in the Anime Section?

    I do, in a way, agree about Avatar ~ The Last Airbender possibly being considered an anime. It's probably the only other "Animation" in the US that I treated as anime. But by saying it is "anime-style" instead of "anime" is a lot like saying sparkling wine isn't Champagne (Champagne can only be considered "Champagne" if Sparkling Wine was made in Champagne, France or it can't be classified as "Champagne") I see "anime" vs "anime-style" like "Puma" vs "Mountain Lion"... Yes, Monty was not 100% Japanese. But I think there was enough Japanese in him to use it for argumentative sake. But I understand what you mean. There are those special case animations that end up in the gray area of classification. I'm not sure if there is a heritage thing for Japanese people or how strict the criteria must be for the classification. So I don't know the deciding factors, other than, "It was made in Japan", especially for someone who develops something they consider anime. I wonder if there is a certain factor that ultimately rules it out, rather than the collective of factors that could rule it in. Anyway, this discussion is probably moot. Thanks for sharing the info Koby!
  14. Of any animation technically not considered anime, I really think RWBY deserves its spot in the Anime section. Monty was part Japanese. So this could be considered an animation by a Japanese artist just developed and produced outside of Japan. I know this is what Monty would have wanted! -RIP Monty Oum http://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2013/07/12/feature-inside-rooster-teeths-rwby I was originally surprised a while back that I never saw RWBY in the Anime section. I thought, "Wow, I wonder if nobody knows about this show..." I had just received my just released BR of season 2 at this time. So it didn't surprise me others probably didn't even know about this show. But, I did a search anyway just to make sure and I found someone already did Season 1 and was working on Season 2 in the "Cartoons" section. There aren't many American made animations that I would consider watching like I do anime. But RWBY is a hidden gem that I believe is worthy of special consideration to move its home from "Cartoons" to "Anime". Everything about this show relates more to Anime than American Cartoon. The OVA/Movie "Exaella" is Russian, but is considered "Anime"...? Maybe because the primary language used was Japanese?
  15. RegorTheGreat

    Logo Designer?

    Sorry, I've been away myself with a really big position I have managing IT for one of the largest airports in the US...by myself! Last I remember, I did a few quick mock ups of an idea I had, and I got a few positive responses from it...but another guy had a much more polished up and nice clean design that put mine to shame. I was under the assumption his design was the chosen one. But I did notice a couple times in my recent views on the site that the new logo design doesn't appear to be in use at all. I didn't want t bug you about it and assumed you were probably busy and would get to it eventually, or possibly decided against using it. So I left it alone. If you would like my assistance in any part of the process, just let me know. You're one of the very few people I'll go out my way for a special request if asked of me! I am extremely over worked with my job right now. But don't worry, if I can manage to pull myself away from my daily job, even if for other work...it's still basically a vacation and really helps to put calm my built up frustration and anxiety my job leaves me with...If I can focus and am able to handle the side project. Well it's good to hear you're back around. Just let me know if you need anything from me. I'm always happy to help out as much as I can here. My only regret is starting my encoder project and ended having to put that on hold indefinitely! So besides that, at this time, I'll be happy to help (I can only promise I'll make my best effort to). my job has been putting an overwhelming weight on my shoulders that I held as long as I could till I totally broke down and nearly quit about a month ago. The company found out and immediately took action and offered to provide me help so they don't lose me. I thought it had a good chance to resolve the issues...But this whole process they put together seems to be falling apart with how they are managing it. So, no clue what the future holds for me. Sorry to bore you with my business issues. I just flew back home last night, but will only be here a few days and then have to fly back to Chicago. So I should have a little spare time right now. I'll talk to ya later. Man I need to sleep! I'm going to pass out now, soon. :-) **sorry i was a bit drunk and misread the previous post.**