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Record of Grancrest War

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On a continent ruled by chaos, the Lords have the power of a holy seal that can calm the chaos and protect the people. However, before anyone realizes it, the rulers cast aside their creed of purifying the chaos, and instead start to fight each other for each other's holy seals to gain dominion over one another. Siluca, an isolated mage who scorns the Lords for abandoning their creed, and a wandering knight named Theo, who is on a journey to train to one day liberate his hometown, make an everlasting oath to work together to reform this continent dominated by wars and chaos.

(Source: ANN, edited)

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18 minutes ago, meatbag42 said:

I couldn't do it.  There's no development, just contrived "tactics"

I've enjoyed the show for what it is, but I agree that it seems to be moving the story along at breakneck speed at the cost of not really developing the main characters. It jumps from the conclusion of one arc straight into another without any rest. The focus seems to jump from character to character while mostly ignoring Theo who seemed like he was meant to be the main character of the story.


It's based on a light novel, but since I haven't read said light novel, I have no idea if the pacing issue is because of the anime being compacted into two cours or if these issues existed in the light novel. Either way I feel like this series could have been something much better with double the episode count and more time spent between arcs on character development and world exploration.

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