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Star Trek or Star Wars. What do you prefer.

Star Trek or Star Wars. What do you prefer?  

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On 6/24/2018 at 7:31 PM, BobbyDrake said:

Guys, what do you think about these series: Dune mini series [2000] and Children of Dune [2003] ?



I think quite highly of both miniseries, a far better visual telling of Dune (the original trilogy anyway) than Lynch's movie back in the 80s.  I liked them both enough to actually go out and get the DVDs as they came out, and I rarely do that.  I have watched and rewatched both many times, and I still do not get tired of it.  Between how well the original material was translated into AV form this time and frankly a cast that did a wonderful job of bringing it to life, hard for me to not love it.  The visuals that show the world being as well done as they are was the visual cherry on top of that delicious piece of cake for me.  I much prefer the Julie Cox Irulan in particular, both the casting choice, and the far more expanded role she is given to work with as she was in the books.  Ian McNeice as Baron Harkonnen was outstandingly brilliant even by his own high abilities as an actor even in a strong and excellent cast, and I cannot even begin to explain how much better Alec Newman was as Paul than Kyle MacLaughlan in my view.  Saskia Reeves made an interesting take on Jessica, frankly this is one of the few cases where I found the comparison between Dune 1980s movie and the miniseries casting and acting be be comparable.  Both Jessicas were good, but yet both showed the same character in subtle yet clear differences, and while I prefer the Reeves version I will not trash the lady from the movie.


As for the sequel miniseries,  the casting of James McAvoy as Leto II was inspired, and for me really supported the last two disks in particular.  The substitution of Alice Krige for Saskia Reeves was not something I wanted to see, but she at least did it well enough to keep me happy, and as for Sarandon's character, she brought that particular character to life very well indeed, which is a real compliment because I am NOT one of her biggest fans both of her profession and personal aspects.  Oh and a shout-out for the woman who played Reverend Mother Mohiam, especially in the final death scene, although in fairness I enjoyed her portrayal of this character throughout both miniseries far more than the woman who did it in the movie, but in this case for me it is the first one was good, but the miniseries one was great.


Oh yes, have got to give mad props for the soundtracks for both miniseries, I just loved them, one of the best background music scores I've heard in some time.


So yes, I have a very good opinion of the two miniseries, both in their own right as shows to watch, and as translations of books, especially ones as well known and influential within their genre as Dune is, into TV/Movies.


That is a brief reply to your question...(never ask for a detailed one, the internets could crash...LOL).

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