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Children of the Whales (Kujira no Kora wa Sajou ni Utau)

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Children of the Whales

Kujira no Kora wa Sajou ni Utau




Synopsis: Chakuro is the 14-year-old archivist of the Mud Whale, a nigh-utopian island that floats across the surface of an endless sea of sand. Nine in ten of the inhabitants of the Mud Whale have been blessed and cursed with the ability to use saimia, special powers that doom them to an early death.

Chakuro and his friends have stumbled across other islands, but they have never met, seen, or even heard of a human who wasn't from their own. One day, Chakuro visits an island as large as the Mud Whale and meets a girl who will change his destiny.

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I have completed this series. Even-though I don't keep any track on anime community, but it feels like it will be greatly underrated this season. 
The Animation,ost,art(bit different than usual art style), story were all so good. The story didn't shy away from tragedy either. It felt like I am watching Game of thrones where the character dies left and right . Of course with only 12 episode none of the characters had that much depth into them.  

- If i have to say one negative side it would be that there was no character which made you go like WOW thats  guy/girl is so 'Kakkoii'(imagining saying it in Lufy's voice with star shaped eyes). 

- Fortunately that part didn't matter because to me it felt like it was not because the writer  didn't write it well enough for the character to be 'Kakkoii'(again... you know what i mean) ,rather how the story was designed there was no way writer could make them look that cool. 

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Finished first season of this one as well.  Liked it, but it does move slow at points but this is by design i imagine. 

I typically like slow moving animes when the story and characters are being developed, but sometimes nothing is happening and its just filler. 

So far very little filler on this one, but also very little development.  Felt like they were introducing characters just for the sake of expanding the cast.

Although @ 12 eps into what should be a 40+ episode series this may change as the world expands.


... just deleted all my comments as to not be a spoiler.  :)



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