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Temporary donation change


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Since Koby's not around all that much right now, and because the way we had originally done donations, we decided to remove the Donations plugin from the main page. Donations ARE still needed, though - the board needs updating badly and I believe a few licenses need renewal, not to mention the monthly server fees.


The decision whether or not to use the alternate donation system was left to me by Koby, and my way of thinking is, whatever helps to take the burden off of his shoulders right now. Thus, as per his instructions...if you wish to donate, please go to the alternate donations page located at https://projects.kametsu.com/donate/ and use that gateway instead, for now. When he manages to return in a somewhat fuller capacity, we may re-enable the donations plugin as it was before.


To note is that the Donations page (linked to by the button on the bar at the top) will NOT reflect any further donations made using the above URL as it is not tied into the plugin. There is an announcement posted on the Donations page to be sure you are aware of this change.


Be sure to use the correct contact information when donating so that it matches the info we have on file for you here, and then you will need to PM Koby. Alternatively you can PM me, and I can relay that to him via other means, once I can match your information to your forum account. This way we can still grant your Donator perks as accurately as possible.


This is just a temporary thing until Koby's able to return in a fuller capacity. If you have any questions, or if something doesn't work with the alternate donation page, please let us know.

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