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IRC channel SSL issues

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This is for everyone that visits the #Kametsu IRC channel regularly, or otherwise joins the channel on occasion.


Recently, the host IRC network for the channel, Xertion, renewed its SSL certificates used to established secure connections to its IRC servers. These SSL certificates are issued by Let's Encrypt (which is a trusted Certificate Authority), and are normally inclusive of any domain pointer that points to the main irc.xertion.org address - such as 'irc.kametsu.com' for example.


I, as a 'Root Administrator' of Xertion, am normally responsible for maintenance and upkeep of the SSL certificates on each server to ensure they remain current and valid (among many other duties, but those are beyond the scope of this post). However, I made a small but critical error in the last renewal of Xertion's SSL certificate - in my haste to add new hostnames to the certificate to be recognized as 'valid', I had completely forgotten to include 'irc.kametsu.com' in the renewal request.


This has resulted in users here who connect securely using 'irc.kametsu.com', to receive invalid certificate errors and in some cases cause their secure connection to the IRC network to fail. Until I am able to fix this issue, those who normally connect to #Kametsu on IRC are instructed to use one of the following hostnames to connect - these are all currently valid for use on our SSL ports (which are ports 6697, 9998, and 9999):


  • irc.xertion.org
  • irc.eu.xertion.org (if you live in or near Europe - this will put you on one of our servers located in Europe)
  • irc.us.xertion.org (if you live in the United States, Canada, or Mexico this gets you a server in North America which may provide better connectivity for you)
  • irc6.xertion.org - IPv6 connections ONLY - this will provide you with any of our IPv6-enabled servers. To check if you have IPv6 connectivity, click this link: https://railgun-mikoto.bdikaros-network.net/ip.php - if this utility reports you have IPv6 connectivity, chances are very good you can use irc6.xertion.org to connect.


Again, this is only until I can correct the SSL certificate the next time it is due for renewal. I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this causes, as I'm sure a good number of you who use the IRC channel previously used irc.kametsu.com to connect.

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