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    • By anime_god
      Just wanted to say hi cuz im new to this forum ;D
      hope everyone is having a good day ! ! ! ! !
    • By Super X
      Hi Kametsu Good day to you
      I am Super and I like Anime, EDM, Movies and last but not least Studying
      Particularly I like all the good stuff.I was looking for a community based anime forum(I like communities) and I found kametsu
    • By Protheus
      Hello, I'm Jon!
      New guy here, just wanted to introduce myself.
      I'm a huge Dragonball Z/Kai/Super and AOT fan, and I love gaming and music.
      Hope this isn't spam.
    • By Washingtontom2
      Hello guys
      My name is Washingtontom, I'm from Brazil. Nice to meet you all in this site.
    • By Blackrosewitch
      This feels like complete deja vu but Hello, I'm introducing myself to the community and hope to become a part of it over time. You can call me Natsu and no I didn't get it from Fairy Tail.  Had it since 2006 for a nickname.