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On 8/7/2015 at 1:17 PM, Pikanet128 said:

Hi I'm Pikanet128 aka Pikanet

Im one of the uploaders here.


Glad to have you.


What types of anime or cartoons do you like?


What Brought you to Kamestu.

Super old post, but it was actually you that influence me to join Kametsu. I used to surf kissanime, and download stuff from there, but that was very reductant, having to manually download each episode. It said that the files had come from you. I believe the series was Tokyo ghoul. So I searched "Pn8 Tokyo Ghoul" on Google and found Nyaa. And from there I found Kametsu :). The type of anime I watch are shounen, but i recently switched over to the slice of life genre. 

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