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Another newb saying hello!


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Hey everyone. I found this forum from another community that I'm a part of. Anyways, I'm a bit of a lower-tier Photoshop user in that I've been using the program for about a year (though I had been using GIMP since 2008 before finally switching over). I usually make fictional paint schemes for a game called NASCAR Racing 2003 Season; although I've been kinda spotty in making anything lately.

To be honest; I haven't really watched any anime since I was a kid, and even then; it was pretty much what was on Toonami (and later on Adult Swim when I started Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z, YuYu Hakusho and Rurouni Kenshin. (Although I would catch an episode of Inuyasha or Astro Boy if I got up early enough.) I would like to try watching an anime or two and actually try to watch it through all the way instead of catching it on the off-chance I came across it and then forgetting about it; but I'm not really sure on what's worth following. If anyone has any recommendations, I'd like to try watching an episode or two and see if I want to keep up or not.

I'd like to stick around and try to follow a show that I'd never give a chance before and maybe contribute to the discussion threads. Thanks for letting me be here everyone!

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Hello and welcome to Kametsu.

If you make a thread in the recommendations board and list a few shows you really enjoyed; I'm sure fellow members can help you on your quest to see other anime you may like based on them.

Do you like English dubs only or would you be willing to watch it in Japanese with English subtitles? Information like that is also very helpful when giving recommendations because a lot of the great anime actually never get an English dub.

That said, most of what you have listed are known as shounen series. It just so happens to be the main type of anime that Toonami/Adult Swim would broadcast especially in the late 90's through early 00's. You may like Hunter x Hunter, Fairy Tail, D.Gray-man, Hitman Reborn, Naruto, Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist, and One Piece as they're also similar in the way that they're long running shounen series that focus on fighting.

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Thanks for welcoming me here Koby. I'll go ahead and make a thread in that particular section of the board, but it'd be nice to try to watching it in the original language with subtitles so that I can step outside my comfort zone.


What? Am I dreaming? Someone actually wants to watch it in the original language that is new to anime? Bravo man. That is indeed the right thing to do as it's kind of the least edited form of the medium you wish to watch, other than it being raw.


EDIT: I can see many getting angry at that last point because they watch dub and would rather listen in english which I understand as its my first language too but you are in essence watching something that has been altered, no matter how small it may be and various other factors.


Anyway, welcome to Kametsu!

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