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Nintendo NX, Ideas?

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1 hour ago, Salem said:

Consoles are going to be like smartphones lol.


We'll be buying new ones every year.

Whoa, slow it down there, Satan.


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20 hours ago, Tanis said:

Last thing I read, according to the MS guy, the Scorpio is '4k with HDMI 2.0a only'.


It just 'feels' like the shit SEGA pulled back in the day.

A '.5' version of a current consoles that makes more work for developers while fracturing the base.



Only reason I'm not bitching about the PS4 NEO is that I haven't seen a damn thing about it.



But, yeah, just not getting good 'vibes' from this *Console* 1.5 trend.

Yeah This trend is kind of stupid,


But tbh consoles themselves are stupid.

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The more I see on the NX now, the more it seems likely it will either be a kind of Hybrid of the Wii U, Mobile, and maybe 3ds or just a replacement for Wii U (despite all of Nintendo's statements otherwise).


Also something to understand with consoles "power" is taking into consideration the machines design and function. Raw "power" means nothing to game performance if its being split between multiple processes (like on the PS4/XONE "seamless multimedia"). This is why consoles have always been so much "weaker" than PCs in the past. Simply put, a game console that only plays games can do more with less "power". I'm not saying the Wii U is "powerful", but people significantly underestimate it due to this misunderstanding.

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