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  1. Moar-Chan

    Nintendo NX, Ideas?

    Yeah This trend is kind of stupid, But tbh consoles themselves are stupid.
  2. Moar-Chan

    Do Not Press!!!

    Im sitting her spamming a red button. What am i doing with my life?
  3. Moar-Chan

    do you read manga or watch the anime first?

    Most of the time I just pick up where the Anime ended.
  4. Moar-Chan

    Console or PC?

    DO you like PC or Console best
  5. Moar-Chan

    Code Geass vs Death Note

    Il go with code geass beacuse the ending of death note was bad, but tbh both were great.
  6. Moar-Chan

    Best "RPG Anime" all the time

    Im sorry but why would you vote for sao. It had Very flawed game logic like. camping in a spot so that a boss can't attack you. There are more but I forgot them over time.
  7. Moar-Chan

    Post Your Desktop

    Well i doubt any one cares but here:
  8. Moar-Chan

    Anime Figures of a character from comic I create.

    Im just wondering is it published and out or is this one of those im going too make it give me atentions? If its out could i get a link too were i can get the series. (not the model cus i don't buy models just for the models i buy htem for the show they come from)
  9. Moar-Chan

    Your Avatar? (v2)

    My picture can only be described in two words "Ultimate Pleasure"
  10. Moar-Chan

    4 word story

    Putting it out was
  11. Moar-Chan

    Nintendo NX, Ideas?

    How is the scorpio the "new 3ds" And you don't need a 4k tv. The scorpio will be mor powerfull and will have higher settings ingame, and it's still 1080p upscaled too 4k that your tv can just downscale again.
  12. D.Gray-man HALLOW HYPE!
  13. Moar-Chan

    Under the Dog

    They got decent backing from kick starter but I don't know if they actully got any supporters.
  14. Moar-Chan

    Saddest villain death

    Meh, in opinion Light's death was just a rushed and crappy way too kill him off just to end the show. <-- for those who forgot him.
  15. Moar-Chan

    What anime do you wish you never watched?

    I wish i never tuched boku no pico ep1. OH THE HORRORS!!