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  1. Yeah This trend is kind of stupid, But tbh consoles themselves are stupid.
  2. Im sitting her spamming a red button. What am i doing with my life?
  3. Most of the time I just pick up where the Anime ended.
  4. Moar-Chan

    Console or PC?

    DO you like PC or Console best
  5. Il go with code geass beacuse the ending of death note was bad, but tbh both were great.
  6. Im sorry but why would you vote for sao. It had Very flawed game logic like. camping in a spot so that a boss can't attack you. There are more but I forgot them over time.
  7. Well i doubt any one cares but here:
  8. Im just wondering is it published and out or is this one of those im going too make it give me atentions? If its out could i get a link too were i can get the series. (not the model cus i don't buy models just for the models i buy htem for the show they come from)
  9. My picture can only be described in two words "Ultimate Pleasure"
  10. Moar-Chan

    4 word story

    Putting it out was
  11. How is the scorpio the "new 3ds" And you don't need a 4k tv. The scorpio will be mor powerfull and will have higher settings ingame, and it's still 1080p upscaled too 4k that your tv can just downscale again.
  12. They got decent backing from kick starter but I don't know if they actully got any supporters.
  13. Meh, in opinion Light's death was just a rushed and crappy way too kill him off just to end the show. <-- for those who forgot him.
  14. I wish i never tuched boku no pico ep1. OH THE HORRORS!!
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